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2019 is a year of change – our wholesale and online orders keep growing and growing. Consequently at our physical plant centre we will have limited opening times to the public. PLEASE GO TO ONLINE PLANT PAGE or email for other items.  As a bonus, the opening times will be sales, so good bargains to be purchased. Sales will be notified here on the website. If you have an inquiry about shrubs or rhododendrons please feel free to email.


Hydrangea Paris and Hydrangea Antique Rose


Hosta Purple Heart. Glossy green leaves with a purple flash to the base of the leaf blade. Fabulous compact hosta. Astrantia Damask. Originally from a few plants we have selected some Astrantia to propagate. Astrantia Damask is one of these. To provide our customers with uniform plants we have been propagating these (and others on the way.) Seed grown plants even from the best sources will not produce exactly the same colour flower. These will be for sale in April 2019. Astrantia Damask holds it’s colour well and what a colour!


Magnolia Sieboldii also known as Korean mountain Magnolia. This deciduous plant has ivory cup shaped flowers with a pink base in the centre. The blooms have a delicious fragrance of honey and sweetness. You know the sweet scent that lingers in the air after a gentle rain shower. The scent you will remember for a lifetime. Plants are like that, they create memories. Magnolia Sieboldii with it’s scented blooms also has lovely thick green leaves, withstanding more wind than some other trees. It is very adaptable and may be grown in a woodland area or more out in the open. The first photo on the left it is grown with Viburnum Davidii – an evergreen shrub with white flowers. It is also quite adaptable in part shade. The second photo on the right is with Cotinus Royal Purple. This Cotinus has fluffy heads of pink in summer. Quite a colour difference. Magnolia Sieboldii, if left, will grow into a sizeable tree. However, like a lot of larger trees this Magnolia can also be trimmed to a required height by pruning in winter.

Rhodo Cotton Candy and Rhodo Black Sport

Rhodo Cary Ann plus Rhodo Lemon Lodge with Purple Heart

Rhodo Elizabeth Hobbie and Rhodo Unique Dunedin

Hundreds of Rhododendrons in store

Rhodo Honey Butter and Magnolia

Callistemon Red Bottles. There are hundreds of varieties of Bottlebrush. A single plant came from a nursery in Otago (now closed) over 20 years ago and these are the plants. Produces beautiful red bottlebrush flowers and grows to approximately 2 metres. Easily trimmed after flowering in summer. Copes well with wetter conditions and certainly cold down to -10c. We did lose one mature shrub to heavy snow a few years ago, other than that they are fairly tough for an Australian plant!

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Daffodil Jetfire with Violet sur Blanc   Pulsatilla Violet Bells  Campalula Bluebells of Scotland





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Well known for our range of Rhododendrons – some of which are below

Taurus                           cotton candy

Rhododendron Taurus                                 Rhododendron Cotton Candy

Bumble_Bee_Rhododendron_online                              Brigitte_Rhododendron_online.2

Rhododendron Bumblebee                             Rhododendron Brigitte

E. Hobbie                              R. Lucy Lou

Rhododendron Elizabeth Hobbie                   Rhododendron Lucy Lou

R. Lavender Girl                            MikeDavis

Rhododendron Lavender Girl                       Rhododendron Mike Davis  

R. Mrs GW Leak                            R. Rubicon

Rhododendron Mrs GW Leak                       Rhododendron Rubicon

R. Helen Deehr                             rhodo silver edge

Rhododendron Helen Deehr                         Rhododendron Silver Edge

R. Jock                                  Point Defiance


Rhododendron Jock                                   Rhododendron Point Defiance


Bud Flanagan                                    Unique Dunedin

Rhododendron Bud Flanagan                    Rhododendron Unique Dunedin


Markeeta's Prize                                      Naselle

Rhododendron Markeeta’s Prize                         Rhododendron Naselle








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