Leucanthemum Paladin with Geranium Philippe Vapelle. Geranium Little Monster. Leucanthemum Paladin and Alchemilla Mollis.

Aster Ruby. Violet Bleu Sur Blanc and Hosta Hudson Bay




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Just a little background about Willowburn Plants. Willowburn is a plant farm on the Taieri Plains in the South Island. We are well known for our quality plants and sell online plants to garden centres, landscapers and other online plant outlets. Always looking to improve and expand our range. Chance findings plus sourcing means we  do have some unique plants on the way every season.

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If not stated then plants in 90mm pots and are $6.50


Heights listed are at maturity.


ACAENA RED CARPET Pretty red leaves on tough little native plant. Wonderful mixed with other colours. 10cm sold out until April – please order

ACHILLEA FANAL One of the best reds. Sprays of bright red flowerheads which fade to cerise red and eventually to salmon. Sunny area and drought tolerant. Cut it back for second flowering in autumn. 70cm.


ACHILLEA SALMON BEAUTY Gorgeous salmon coloured blooms unlike other colours. Ideal for the pastel garden. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Flowers for picking. 60cm


AGAPANTHUS PETER PAN Perfect little dwarf plant with lavender blue flowers ideal for cutting. Forms a neat clump. 50cm sold out until April – please order


AGAPANTHUS TINKERBELL A real show stopper. Dwarf plant with blue flowers and variegated leaves. Looks charming in pots or in the garden. 40cm. 1 litre pots. $8.00

Alchemilla Mollis

ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS Decorative wavy edged leaves that hold raindrops to give a sparkling effect. Masses of tiny yellow flowers. Tough little perennial. 40cm


ANEMONE JAPONICA PINK Large pink blooms adorn this popular plant from late summer into autumn. Fantastic for part shade. 80cm. Flowers for picking. $7.50 


ANEMONE LUISE UHINK Graceful semi-double white flowers from late summer and into autumn. An excellent plant for shady spaces. Flowers for picking. 70cm. $7.50 sold out – please order

ARCTOTIS BORDEAUX Burgundy maroon daisy flowers bloom over a long period. Perfect for a sunny dryish spot or stunning in a pot. 50cm.


ARTHROPODIUM BRONZE BABY Gorgeous little plant perfect for pots, especially with flowering annuals. When the annuals have finished you have this! 10cm.


 ARUNCUS NOBLE SPIRIT Compact form with the same graceful leaves and creamy flowers. Adding another dimension to the garden.40cm. $7.50


 ASTER ALBA Tall back of the border perennial with creamy white daisy flowers. Very useful plant flowering in autumn. 90cm.


 ASTER BLUE BOY Compact variety with lavender blue flowers in autumn. 50cm.


ASTER PINKY PINK Novae-belgii or Michaelmas daisy. A lovely semi-double pink form for back of the border. Autumn flowering. 90cm. $7.50

ASTER RUBY Bright ruby pink blooms on a tall plant adding colour to the border. Autumn flowering. 90cm.


 ASTILBE FANAL Beautiful deep red plumes in summer over bronzed foliage. Superb plant. Sun or part shade. 70cm.

2017-02-23 01.59.07

ASTILBE PALE LACE Whimsical airy pale pink blooms in late summer and autumn. Adaptable in sun or part shade. 90cm. $7.50


ASTILBE PINK LACE Dark pink feathery plumes with a hint of lavender. Stunning with dark green foliage. Autumn flowering perennial. Part shade or sun. 90cm. $7.50


ASTILBE SPRITE Miniature Japanese variety with light pink plumes. A very pretty late summer perennial for sun or part shade. 50cm. $7.50 

CAMPANULA BERNICE Ground hugging leaves with flowering stems bearing double nodding lilac purple blooms. Likes Sun, 60cm. $7.50

CAMPANULA BLUEBELLS OF SCOTLAND Dainty looking plant with tiny blue bells. Such a cutie. Wonderful plant for pots or in a rock garden. Sun, 15cm. $7.50. sold out until March


CAMPANULA E.K. TOOGOOD Small plant with violet blue bells very similar to Resholdt’s variety. This perennial will tolerate light shade. 20cm. sold out until March


CAMPANULA SNOWBELLS Low mound of green bearing tall stems of white bell flowers. Showy specimen for the mid border and excellent cut flower. Sun or part shade.


CENTAUREA DEALBATA Very dark pink flowers over divided foliage. Easy to mix with. Sun or part shade and will tolerate dry conditions. 60cm. Bee and Butterfly plant. $7.50


CHRYSANTHEMUM AUTUMN HIGHLIGHTS Carmine with tints of pink. Autumn flowering with autumn colours! Low growing with a hit of colour. 60cm. Part sun. Flowers for picking.

Chrysanthemum Dwarf Alice

CHRYSANTHEMUM DWARF ALICE Lovely little plant with light pink flowers. Needs no staking so just enjoy the daisy flowers. 60cm.

CLEMATIS INTEGRIFOLIA Fantastic non climbing variety. Nodding deep lavender blue flowers on deep green foliage. 1m spread, sun. 1 litre pots $9.00. sold out until April


ERYNGIUM AGAVIFOLIUM An impressive evergreen forming glossy rosettes with dramatic green spikes. Drought tolerant. Provides a fantastic tropical look. 90cm. $7.50

2017-02-26 12.22.37

FILIPENDULA PALMATA NANA  Compact variety with showy fluffy pink flowers in late summer. Versatile plant in sun or shade and will tolerate dryish conditions. 50cm. $7.50

Gentian White Magic

GENTIAN WHITE MAGIC A gorgeous little gem with white tubular flowers. A real treasure, compact and easy to grow. 30cm. $7.50.

GERANIUM PHILIPPE VAPELLE Deep blue flowers with a purple undertone and purple veining. The grey green leaves are in perfect toning with the blooms. Forms a neat mound. Sun, 30cm. $8.00

Geranium Summer Skies

 GERANIUM SUMMER SKIES Double mauve pink blooms. Forms a neat mound. Unusual colour. Part shade. 60cm. $7.50. sold out

Geranium Tiny Monster

GERANIUM TINY MONSTER  Super compact. Long blooming – eye catching magenta pink flowers. Perfect for edging or in pots. Sun. 30cm. $7.50


GYPSOPHILA REPENS ROSEA Well behaved trailing plant smothered in soft pink flowers. Perfect for rock or coastal areas. Sun. 15cm. Bee and Butterfly plant.

HOSTA HUDSON BAY Large leaves combining blue green with apple green flecking. Central creamy area. Quite striking for shade. Creamy white flower heads. 60cm. For shady spaces. $7.50

HOSTA JUNE Golden leaves with narrow blue/green margins, making a striking combination. Lavender flowers. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Outstanding plant for shady spaces. 40 cm. $7.50

HOSTA LEMON LIME CHAMPAGNE Leaves of bright green, ageing to cream and creamy lemon. Lavender flowers. 40cm. For shady spaces. $7.50

HOSTA PURPLE HEART Clear mid green leaves with purplish stems and little purple marking at the base of the leaves. A little extra than just plain green. Violet flowers. 40cm. For shady spaces. $7.50

Leucanthemum Bridal Bouquet

LEUCANTHEMUM  BRIDAL BOUQUET Lightly ruffled white blooms which are bright yellow when they first emerge. Super compact. Sun. 35cm. Flowers for picking. $7.50

Leucanthemum Paladin

LEUCANTHEMUM PALADIN Unique ruffled and layered white blooms with a brilliant yellow eye – resembling an Edwardian collar. Sun. 40cm. Flowers for picking. $7.50

Liatris Spicata Kobold

LIATRIS KOBOLD DWARF Compact form. Fuzzy fluffy spikes of lavender purple. Flowers in late summer and autumn. 60cm. Bee and Butterfly plant. $7.50.

Ligularia Midnight Lady

LIGULARIA MIDNIGHT LADY For bold texture in the garden. Purple-green leaves and husky orange-yellow ray flowers. 90cm. For shady spaces. Flowers for cutting.

Liriope Gold Band

 LIRIOPE GOLD BAND Dark green leaves with gold margins and spikes of lavender flowers. Perfect for semi-shade and will tolerate dryish conditions. 30cm. Evergreen. $7.50

Lobelia Queen Victoria

LOBELIA QUEEN VICTORIA Fantastic late season colour. Spikes of bright red flowers on low burgundy foliage. Sun or part shade. 90cm.

Lysimcachia Firecracker

LYSIMACHIA FIRECRAKER Reddish foliage contrasts superbly with yellow flowers. Easy to mix with. RHS Award of Garden Merit. 70cm. $7.50

PACHYSANDRA TERMINALIS This is the elusive ground cover that grows well in dry shade. Perfect for under and around trees. Evergreen with white flowers. 20cm. sold out until March – please place an order

 Polemonium Alba

 POLEMONIUM ALBA Ferny foliage topped with white blooms in summer. Adds a touch of lightness to the garden. White garden or not, this is perfect. Sun or part shade. 60cm. Bee and Butterfly plant. 

Polemonium Stairway to Heaven

POLEMONIUM STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Low mound of pink tinted, variegated cream and green foliage. Pink tints more pronounced in semi shade and cooler weather. Clusters of dainty sky blue flowers. 40cm.

POLEMONIUM TOUCH OF CLASS Finely textured foliage – edged creamy silver. Tints of pink in cooler weather. Pastel display of soft blue blooms. Excellent low perennial best in part shade to colour highlight. 30cm. $7.50


 POLYGONATUM HOOKERI Himalayan alpine. The daintiest of dainty. Pink flowers emerge above ground like fallen cherry blossom in late spring. 15cm. Part shade.  $7.50.

 Pulsatilla Violet Bells

 PULSATILLA VIOLET BELLS Welcomes spring with deep violet blue blooms. 30cm. For shady spaces. $7.50.

RODANTHEMUM PINK and CREAM  Finely divided dense silver green foliage forms a mound. Cute little creamy pink blooms from early spring. Perfect perennial for a sunny spot. 25cm.

Rhodohypoxis baurii

RHODOHYPOXIS BAURII Starry flowers in shades of pink. Tiny plant best with summer moisture and winter dryness. Perfect for pots. 20cm.

Rhodohypoxis Claret

RHODOHYPOXIS CLARET Starry claret-red flowers. Wonderful colour in a pot. Summer moisture and winter dryness. 20cm.

Rhodohypoxis Parvula

RHODOHYPOXIS X  HYPOXIS  PARVULA Wider fuzzier leaves. White starry flowers with a dark centre – like bright stars in the night sky! 15cm. Summer moisture and winter dryness. $7.50

 Rudbeckia Little GoldStar

 RUDBECKIA LITTLE GOLDSTAR Vibrant and cheerful colour from late summer into winter. Abundance of golden yellow blooms on a compact plant. Sun or part shade. 40cm.

Salvia Uliginosa

SALVIA ULIGINOSA Stunning sky-blue flowers over a long flowering season. A magnet for butterflies and bees. 1.2m

Scabiosa Alpina

SCABIOSA ALPINA Very compact plant with lavender blue flowers. Hardy perennial that is easy to grow. 30cm.

SCABIOSA CAUCASICA  Lavender blue flowers on a bushy plant. Great for borders. Sun or part shade. 60cm. Bee and Butterfly plant. Flowers for picking.

Schizostylis Coccinea

SCHIZOSTYLIS COCCINEA A single species of this plant bearing scarlet pink blooms. Valued for its late summer to autumn flowering. 60cm.

sisyrinchium alba

SISYRINCHIUM ALBA Compact plant perfect for poor soil. This evergreen bears white flowers in summer. 20cm. Sun.

Solidago Baby Gold

 SOLIDAGO BABY GOLD Bright colour in autumn. Upright plant with spikes of golden yellow flowers. Sun or part shade. 70cm.

Sym. Alma Pots

SYMPHYOTRICHUM ALMA POTSCHKE New England Aster. Provides a striking display in autumn. An explosion of colour with rosy pink daisies. Sun. 90cm. Flowers and foliage for picking. $7.50.

TEUCRIUM CRISPUM Lightly frilled apple green leaves. As a bonus this teucrium will tolerate and lighten up dry shady spaces. Creamy green flowers. 40cm. Tough little evergreen. $7.50. sold out until March


TRADESCANTIA CERISE SKY Neat green foliage with cheery bright cerise flowers in triangular fashion. Cut back after flowering. 60cm.

TRADESCANTIA PURPLE SKY 3-petalled flowers of purple lavender. Perfect for late summer colour in the garden. They do start flowering in spring! Hardy perennial. 60cm.

TRILLIUM CHLOROPETALUM ALBA White Trillium most flowering and budding in April! The leaves open out green speckled with chocolate brown. Part shade. 50cm. 1 litre pots $21.00. sold out – please place an order for autumn



TRILLIUM CHLOROPETALUM MIXED As above but as they have not flowered yet the colours are not sorted. Buds just popping through in April. 1 litre pots $21.00. sold out – please place an order for autumn


VIOLET BLEU SUR BLANC  Tiny stripes of lavender blue on white flowers. Deep green foliage. Ideal for covering a difficult area. 20cm. Part shade. 



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