Aster Pinky Pink


Teucrium Crispum. Rhodanthemum Pink and Cream


Zephyranthes Candida. Schizostylis with Leucanthemum Paladin


Geranium Tiny Monster


Centuarea Montana. Primula Mellow Pink. Ledebouria Cooperi


Achillea Fanal Red. Veronica Oxford Blue. Scabiosa Caucasica


Brunnera Alexander’s Great with Caltha Palustris Flore Pleno

Campanula with Achillea. Anemone Seemannii, Agapanthus Peter Pan


Daffodil Jetfire. Arctotis Bordeaux with Euphorbia Fens Ruby in the background

Geum Leonard’s Variety flower

Daffodil Jetfire with Violet Blue Sur Blanc. Rhodohypoxis Rosebud and Claret


Anemone Clotted Cream


Violet Blanc. Liriope Samantha. Gazania Chungwa with Campanula Bluebells


Gazania Chungwa with Agapanthus Tinkerbell


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Achillea Fanal nestled in Campanula Snowbells. Brightest red to the whitest of white.



Very spring. Mini Daffodil Jetfire with its bright yellow blooms and Violet Bleu Sur Blanc. A touch of lavender blue with white. Both stunning en masse.



Plant colour combinations are a lot of fun when it comes to designing your space. Two easily adaptable perennials in many different settings are Leucanthemum Paladin and Alchemilla Mollis.



Geum Leonard’s Variety is a tough little perennial. As well as growing and thriving in sun or part shade, it will also adapt in a range of heavier soils. Coppery-rose flowers in spring and summer adorn this elegant perennial. Geum Leonard’s Variety will also blend well with a lot of other plants, including Chamaecyparis Green Globe pictured. A tiny bun shaped conifer reaching around 30-40cm in 10 years. This little bun has dark green foliage and super easy to grow as long as it is protected from hot sun.



Acaena Red Carpet and Agapanthus Tinkerbell. Both like it dry and sunny. The red colour of Acaena Red Carpet intensifies in a sunny position and will form a soft non-invasive ground cover. Native to New Zealand and found in gravelly river beds and tussock grasslands where it has good drainage. This does not have sharp barbs like some other varieties, so nice and soft to touch. Creamy white flower heads appear in summer. Very low growing and perfect in pots, gravelly soil and growing over rocks. Agapanthus Tinkerbell can be a real show stopper in the right conditions. Show off its variegated glory with dark mauves and purples. Also, perfect on its own planted in a pot where it will forgive some neglect.



Leucanthemum Paladin with unique ruffled and layered white blooms – resembling an Edwardian collar. Geranium Philippe Vapelle has deep blue flowers with a purple undertone and purple veining. The grey green leaves are in perfect toning with the blooms.The white layering pops out with a small amount of purple. Both being mini type plants which are suitable for the front of the garden, perhaps around a bird bath, side of a path where a little height is required – endless possibilities   


Rudbeckia Little Goldstar adds vibrant and cheerful colour from late summer into winter. Introduced by Jelitto of Germany, Rudbeckia Little Goldstar is a nice compact perennial that produces an abundance of flowers. The yellow flowers make Agapanthus Peter Pan blooms more visible. Backdrop of mini Pittosporum is just the right tone of green to make the whole colour combine so well. Both plants like sun, however in hot climates will benefit from part shade.

Gazania Chungwa and Liatris Kobold. Bold colours together.